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Welcome to Plastikguiden!
This is your source to information about aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Totally free of charge, and with no strings (or ads!) attached.

I am a Swedish board certified plastic surgeon with more than 19 years experience of plastic surgery. Apart from aesthetic surgery my fields of particular interest are gender reassignment, hypospadia repair, post bariatric surgery, and burns. For aesthetic surgery I am specifically into breast surgery such as for example breast augmentation and mastopexy, and also genital surgery such as labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation.

My CV in brief includes medical training in Sweden, working in a university hospital setting, and running a private clinic. I have spent one year at Stanford University in California also as a part of my research career. I lecture at the university and I am author of several scientific papers and book chapters in plastic surgery teaching books.

If you are a foreign patient and interested in surgery, please send me an email in English with your inquiry.

Johan Thorfinn, MD, PhD
E-mail: johan@plastikguiden.se

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